Badminton House…

June 12, 2014

As per usual, we had typical British weather. Grim, damp, cold and grey. I was not impressed…. 
badminton house


We all had to endure the weather, although unlike me, these horses had some very impressive all weather gear….

horse eating grass


These dogs had the right idea…

dogs under board

And my fellow dachshunds did not look too impressed with having to wait at the water jump, especially as they only had one coat between them.

long hair dachshund


I was made to wait at one of the later jumps in the howling wind…

jackson in the wind

I sometimes wonder how I can be genetically related to something like this…

springer in the rain

It was NOT bathing weather.

jackson de beauvoir

Oh no, it was very much thick, waterproof, thermal coat weather. Winter in May. Whats not to like?


My kind of Horse…

June 9, 2014

On the Saturday, as we had reinforcements I was finally allowed some time away from the stand…

Jackson de beauvoir

It was, surprise, surprise absolutely chucking it down…

rain at badminton

So we headed into the stadium for a little sit down (despite the notice that dogs were barred, it was full of dogs)

jackson de beauvoir

Where we stumbled upon the Shetland Pony Grand National. Some might say that Shetland ponies are the dachshunds of the pony world.

Like us, they are very cute, fabulously strong willed and some might say a little stubborn, determined and you can’t tell a shetland what to do. So nothing like dachshunds at all…

shetland pony

shetland pony


shetland pony

I soon got bored as this was not about me…

jackson de beauvoir

and before I knew it, it was back to work….

Badminton Horse Trials

June 5, 2014

In London there is many a fool who thinks I am ‘shudder’ a mixed breed. How very dare them, I am 100% pure wire hair dachshund. All I can think, is these uneducated idiots have never had the pleasure of knowing/owning the very best of the dachshund breed.

However at Badminton Horse Trials, I was dare I say it, quite common….

jackson de beauvoir

There were more wire hair dachshund’s than you can shake a stick at…

Mini wire dachshund

I even bumped into a relative, my great grandson, Maurice….

jackson de beauvoir

A right chip off the old block…


I’m starting to think I prefer to be the special one in London….

Jackson de beauvoir

You will obey me….

Mud & more mud….

June 2, 2014

After the first May bank holiday I was suddenly informed that I was working the next 5 days at Badminton Horse Trials. I was not impressed as I had seen the weather forecast….

Muddy Paw

It was wet, cold and very very muddy….

Jackson de beauvoir

I was not impressed. I insisted on my slave buying me a new coat….

Jackson de beauvoir

That’s right, I’m now part of the British Eventing Team. There is of course very little difference between me and an event horse….

Horse at badminton

Very little.

horse at badminton

I could do that….

Ferry across the….

May 30, 2014

Sometimes I think the slaves have really lost the plot. To get home from Dorset they chose the most strange of all beasts to get across the water….

jackson de beauvoir

I was not convinced by this at all….

jackson de beauvoir

especially when there are rumours out there, that I can not swim….

jackson de beauvoir


So while they were instagraming away, I was keeping my eye on the prize, the lifeboats….

sunset in dorset


Nothing to see here…..

Dancing Ledge….

May 27, 2014

One of the slaves has never done any of the coastal walks round Swanage so I decided that there would be no negotiation. Attendance was compulsory, so off we headed down to the coast path from Worth Matravers….

dancing ledge

It was ridiculously hot, so instead of walking to Dancing Ledge, we went straight to the sea…

swanage coast

The slaves, were slaves to Instagram, while I just chilled out….

Jackson de beauvoir& chilled out some more….

jackson de beauvoir& then got a little bored….

Jackson de beauvoirWe then headed back to Worth Matravers to the pub for pasties and beer….

jackson de beauvoirThe dachshund death stare had to come out, to make the slaves share their goodies.

Jackson de beauvoir

One day they really will obey me to my satisfaction.

Swanage is a place I head too when I need to kick back and unwind. This year the weather was rather warm……maybe a little too warm for my personal tastes….

Jackson de beauvoir

Other, creatures had different ideas to cooling down….

Springer spaniel swimming

I certainly did not fancy that….

Jackson in the shade


I prefer seeking out the shade…..

Jackson de beauvoir

We wandered up the pier to admire old harry…

Old Harry Swanage

But then it just got to hot and I refused to move…

Jackson de beauvoir

There was some mutterings from the slaves about a demented dachshund, but I just heard blah blah blah……